The Life of a Child vs the Life of an Adult

Little girls dream of becoming boys pro football but once we all start to grow we realize how different life is from the way we imagined it when we were Every child has an a dream of how his or her life is going to turn when they play house or cops and they see those things as the their when we were when we figure out what things were and what words meant make it We would fill in what we When I was little I had an explanation for but now growing and looking back I was almost always completely the biggest difference between when we were little and when we were younger we saw things the way we wanted to see but now we know the Children have They see something and imagine what it is or what it They always seem to see the best out of every see the world in a good where crime real and bad things really A world where the good guys always win and the bad guys never get Children never look for the worst in people and always give people a fair if we could only say half of

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