The Life of Muhammad and the Spread of Islam

In 570 AD a man to be by the Islamic people as the last prophet was born into the his name was Muhammad was born into a poor family in but spent most of his childhood being raised by Bedouin relatives in a different town after he was orphaned at the age of His uncle Abu Talib brought him under his wing and taught him to be a successful When Muhammad was about twenty years old he moved into Mecca and began trading for widow named Through the next five years Khadijah became aware of how reliable and resourceful Muhammad was and proposed marriage to him when he was Through his travels Muhammad became very aware of the clan rivalries and the undermining forces among the He soon became distracted and unsatisfied with his In 610 he retreated to a cave above Mecca to meditate and While he was there the angel Gabriel appeared to him and gave him a message from is no god but Muhammad began teaching his revelations form His first group of disciples consisted of his his and just a few of his His first followers called themselves As he taught his circle grew and he

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