The mark of the Beast At the time when all woul

The mark of the Beast At the time when all would have fully matured in either submission to God or rebellion against Him, Christ will return to the earth just as was promised. This time He will not come as a baby in a manger, but as a king in all His glory and majesty. In this event which marks the end of the present world order, the Bible portrays Christ as riding out of Heaven seated on a white horse. In this dramatic session it is also described that the rebellious ones and how they are affected by Christs second coming. A characteristic feature that is common to those who are rebellious and are yet alive at that time is that they have the Mark of the Beast and are in company with the beast himself. Whatever the mark of the beast is, it must be something distinct enough to distinguish the righteous from the unrighteous, this is evident in the description that is given of the righteous at that time. They are said to have gained victory over the beast and his image and also over his mark. Gods unmingled wrath would not be reserved for a punishment of an unknown offense. Furthermore, the mark of the beast must be in some way, a contrast form the seal or the mark of God. So what really is the mark of the beast? According to a vision of prophetic history, Daniel was shown the rise and fall of four vast empires. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome. A thousand years before the events took place, he foresaw the dismemberment of the western Rome, the rise of papacy and the establishment of ten kingdoms which developed into the nations of southern and western Europe. Regarding the accuracy of the fulfillment, nearly all conservative protestants agree. Daniel 7 tells about a little horn that grew in the midst of the ten horns. As it arose, it uprooted three other horns. The angel of the vision explained this to Daniel saying: another king shall rise after them he shall be different from the kings and he sh…

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