The Masquerade In Loves Labors Lost by Willia

The Masquerade In Loves Labors Lost by William Shakespeare, King Ferdinand and his three attendants; Berowne, Longaville, and Dumaine, take a vow to swear off women and concentrate on their studies. This vow only lasted long enough for each man to lay his eyes on the Princess of France, Rosaline, Maria, and Katherine. The women receive love letters and gifts from the men who are trying to woo them. Although the ladies are flattered, they are disappointed by their loves abilities to easily breaks their vows. Throughout the play, the men try to woo the ladies with out ever really interacting with them because they are ashamed of the breaking of their vows too. The men decide that they will woo once and for all at the masquerade that they will all be attending. The women, on the other hand, have a completely different idea of what the masquerade will determine. The women wear masks and plan on embarrassing the men, who are dressed as Russians, by not revealing their true identity. They can not believe the deceitful nature of the men and plan on teaching them a lesson. The princess says, Therefore I do it, and I make no doubt/ The rest will [neer] come in, if he be out./ Theres no such sport as sport by sport oerthrown,/ To make theirs ours and none but our own;/ So shall we stay; mocking intended game,/ And they, will mockd, depart away with shame. (237; V, ii l. 151-156). The masks that the women are wearing symbolize how they have hid their anger and frustration toward the men. They had never expressed their disgust with them prior to the masquerade and feel it necessary to show the men how foolish they have been for breaking their promises. The masks also show that the women were afraid to let their true feeling surface. A mask is a cover; therefore they have been covering up their inner thoughts and feelings about the me…

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