the mission of Emirates Airline organisation

the mission of Emirates Airline organisationwhat planning methodologies are utilized?define and assess the EmiratesAirlines?s strategy.ldentify its costumers and/or constituents as well as its competitors.2. Describe how Emirates Airline organizationis organized.Note the formal structure (organisational charts). What informal structures exist?Describe the decision-making processused by Emirates AirlineHow does Emirates Airlines manage changes?3. what is the leadership style used in Emirates Airline?who arethe Emirates Airline organization?s heroes?Describe the motivational environment in Emirates Airline organizationAsses theeffectiveness ofthe organizational communications in Emirates Airline4. Comment on the processes for control used in Emirates Airlinenote the type of controls in Emirates AirlineDescribe the financial controls and how it is used in Emirates AirlineDescribe theoperational controls and how it is used in Emirates Airlinewhat roles do information systems play in Emirates Airline5. Evaluate anyinnovative managerial practices in Emirates AirlineHow is entrepreneurship encouraged in Emirates Airlinewhat ethical dilemmas arefaced in the innovative managerial practice in Emirates Airlinewhat sources of ?employee empowerment? are utilizedwhat is the role oftechnology in Emirates AirlineAre you interested in joining the organisation? why orwhy not?methadology: 1,Literature review( e.g.Biographies ofthe founders ofthe organization)2. promotional materials assessment (including websites and brochures)3. industry analysis4. afterthe references include appendices!

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