The movie Thor (2011) [N] Holywood? Film Critique

The movie Thor (2011) [N] Holywood? Film CritiqueProject description?Holywood? Film Critique (3 ? 4 page essay offering a critical analysis of the religious content of a Hollywood feature film that focuses on a particular religious community, leader, or tradition selected from the approved list in APPENDIX 2 to this syllabus. You will select one of the nine key phenomenological categories (the nine ?C?s?) as the analytical tool. The grade will be based not only on compelling content (especially the way you interpret the plot, setting, and characterization of the film in light of the phenomenological category), but also the composition and writing style?specifically, whether you demonstrate suitable college level writing skills (proper word usage, grammar, syntax, no obvious spelling errors, ete)Old Norse (Viking) Religion:Thor (2011) [N]the nine C?s are in the link below.!

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