The need for citizen participation in Zimbabwe

Introduction Public policies are instruments through which the essential decisions of political authorities are executed as quoted in Zhou and They provide mechanisms for the government to communicate their response to the demands of their Public policies thus serve as conflict management tools at the domestic level by balancing competing values and These domestic policies cover a wide range of areas such as labour and investment public policies are the means for nations to market themselves to the It is generally agreed that people want governments that ensure their political and socioeconomic Governments therefore are expected to listen to the needs of the and propound policies that speak to these The question is how and when these needs can be made known to the This paper will give a background of policy making in general then show the state of policymaking in Zimbabwe It will go on to discuss how citizens in Zimbabwe can acquire skills that enable them to participate fully in Citizen participation in policymaking Pal as quoted in Zhou and Zvoushe observed that hidden agendas usually influence policy This may be because the ruling elite represent the needs of the rich who may have funded their This

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