The Negative Impacts of Credential Inflation

The Negative Impacts of Credential Inflation Jack Davidge Western University The Negative Impacts of Credential Inflation A market that is flooded with credential laden workers vying for a small number of jobs could tip the economy into a recession This idea put forth by Collins seems prophetic when the current state of the economy is taken into and brings to light an underlying additional cause of the slow recovery being witnessed in the job credential This is the process by which educational or academic credentials lose value over partnered with lowered expectations of holding a degree in the job Credential inflation is increasing causing larger debt among the workforce due to leaving college educated individuals with fewer jobs upon and resulting in employers requiring degrees for jobs where they were once not This weakening of the belief in credentials has been a persistent trend in the last century in higher and has come to the forefront in recent decades due to technical job making its mark upon the job market as As students take on higher amounts of student loan debt because of the perceived advantages a degree the economic burden upon younger generations Even with degrees in students after

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