The one problem with something being lost is the

The one problem with something being lost is the feeling one has for the object once it is gone. That felling of need and longing just creates pain. One could get rid of pain and loss if one could detach ones self from these tokens. All emotional pain and suffering could be obliterated if one could think of all things, even people, as just things that come and go. This is not an excuse not to care about anybody. It is just a way not to wreck ones life after something important has left. Sometimes, when a family member or spouse dies, people mourn for an unhealthy amount of time. Morning the death of a loved one is a healthy thing to do, but to let it consume the rest of the livings life is completely unhealthy. These same feelings could be put towards sex as well. By detaching ones self from the emotional part of it, there would be no regret, no guilt, no worrying, no sense of betrayal. It could be considered something fun to do with a friend, or merely something to pass the time. One problem with sex is the emotional attachment that one gets to the other person after the act. This attachment is stronger in women than in men, but most men still feel it, even though it might not be as strong as the womans feelings. This sense of attachment will turn into abandonment if one partner does not speak to or see the other again. By detaching emotion from the entire act, this feeling of abandonment will never be felt. Sex does not always have to be between a couple either. It could just be between friends. For example: Instead of going to a movie together, two people could stay in and fornicate. This is where the whole friends-with-benefits idea comes from. They do not need to be with each other all the time and do not mind when they see other people, so just use sex as a recreational sport. It could take the place of baseball as the American Pastime. Another emotion that could stem from sex is guilt. If …

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