The paper should analyze a per

The paper should analyze a personal opinion formulated about information or ideas presented by the film. Use examples from the film to support and/or analyze your opinion. The film should be referenced in the bibliography. This is not a summery, it?s analyzing paper. Paper will be submitted via safe assignment. PLEASE do not copy or paraphrase any thing. ThanksPapers will be graded on:1. Relevance- The paper must be directly related to a topic Discuss (check for the help you need)ed in class or related to a class assignment. Irrelevant papers will be given a ?0? and handed back to the author. The author can choose to explain how they think the paper is relevant or write a new paper for late credit.2. Clarity- Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure and spelling are important parts of clear writing. Proof reading your paper, or having someone else proof read it, will help you to avoid unclear or incorrect sentences. Points will be deducted for technical errors.3. Specificity- Avoid generalizations such as ?You,? ?Women,? ?People.? Remember you are writing to a universal, college audience and do not make assumptions that your audience shares your characteristics. Also avoid unacknowledged stereotypes, i.e. ?Men like hunting.? Do not use phrases such as ?this class,? ?in our world today,? ?from the beginning of time,? as they are non-specific.4. Ownership- All opinions, beliefs, experiences, etc. must be owned throughout the paper using ?I think,? ?I believe,? ?in my experience,? etc.5. Analysis/Support-The opinions, beliefs and experiences expressed in your paper can be analyzed and supported by both personal experience and outside sources. When using outside sources for support, be sure to cite the information using A.P.A. in-text citation. Be careful that your outside sources are legitimate and valid (NEVER cite Wikipedia as an outside source.)6. Depth-Your paper should analysis your response to a single topic deeply, rather than several topics, superficially. Having a narrow thesis will help you to more thoroughly analyze your reaction. You may want to try the following pre-writing exercise to deepen your analysis: Write down a potential thesis and then ask ?Why?? Write down the answer as a new thesis and then again ask ?Why?? Write down the answer as a new thesis and continue to ask why until you feel your thesis is something you can explore deeply.7. Organization-Your paper must be organized with a clear introduction (to give context), thesis (which should be narrow and inclusive), topic sentences (related directly to the thesis), and conclusion (drawn from your analysis). Avoid using phrases such as ?In this paper I will be writing about?? in your thesis, as it is obvious to the reader that you are writing about the topic in your paper..

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