The Press, the Public, and the Public Sphere

9047 The the Public and the Public Sphere Final essay A Critical Evaluation on a News Source and its Role in the Public With Special Reference to the Electronic Version of Apple Daily Introduction The newspaper industry in Hong Kong has been developing gradually since the 19th and the Hong Kong Government an official publication of the British colonial can be defined as the first newspaper providing an important reference to local political and constitutional issues in the past hundred In the late 20th owing to several decades of sustainable and significant development facilitated by various leading publishers receiving considerable support from private or business the industry was further and the newspaper market was shared by a great deal of press such as Ming Oriental Daily News and Sing Tao attracting a wide range of readers who were middle class or ordinary During the Hong Kong already became one of the leading media centers in East Until the Apple Daily which was a new daily broadsheet established by Jimmy Lai Chee the founder and chairman of Next Media broke into the competitive market by introducing a tabloid style into news reports with screaming sensational images and shocking news Such journalistic

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