The Prince of Darkness talks about the differences between writers and how their type of writing can be either successful or not so much. Richard Tull Essay Help

The second part of this essay The Prince of Darkness talks about the differences between writers and how their type of writing can be either successful or not so much. Richard Tull who is not successful writes experimental novels that are not understandable. Gwyn Barry is successful and described as being boring and soulless. Writing will not be easy for people like Tull or it could be easy for people like Barry. According to Martin Amis author of The Information the only way to get so much information is to gradually build up facts over time. InThe Dark Night Of The Soul Following the Word follows Jon Krakauer as he takes the journals of a man by the name of Chris McCandless and makes it into a biography. Chris is evidence that some people invest their time to reading and writing to escape the hands of the world and reach a place of calmness. He began to believe that what he was reading was real and soon the line between reality and fiction became blurred. Krakauer cannot accept the world as it is without any sort of explanation or motive. He puts himself in the shoes of Chris and goes through the same type of experience. Meditative Writing and Its Consequences talks about the art of spiritual writing. According to Descartes this type of writing comes to a person while they are in a meditative mode. A person musst rid himself of all of the false information and extract themselves from the real world and society. We have to remove all of our outward appearances to find the part of us that will never change. Meditating for Descarte is about attempting to find the foundation for which your life of lies was built upon. To him meditating provides a writer with the ability to protect himself from the world and its lies. Joining The Liar?s Club: Writing and The Generation of Hope is about putting memories into writing. Everybody wants to share their memories with people and publish it in a variety of ways. It does not have to be written it could be told to people. Mary Karr reflects about a childhood memory that is in fragments. Karr does not even really know the truth about what happened that night all she knows is the facts. She finds out secrets of her family after she has gorwn up and moved away because of the one childhood memory. This type of writing is a means of gaining access to the universe and its secrets. Pat Schroeder is correct when she says that modern day technology has a great impact on the lives of teenagers. Anything and everything can be put onto the Internet and it is available for anyone to see. Video games have recently become more and more violent and inappropriate for teenagers to play. Even if something says that it is not for kids they still watch play or read it because they can get away with it and the Internet does not know how old a person is. Kids have become more rebellious and immature because of the things that are posted on the Internet. Kids do not think of the consequences of their actions. Now that kids only use the Internet they do not write or read a well or often as previous generations. Miller says that reading and writing are some of the only ways to teach us about people (most importantly writers) and their purposes. He made an amazing observation about this particular topic adding different styles of writing into his essay. Each author has their own style of writing they like to compose. If a writer is comfortable with only one type of writing then they should stick to it and not try form of writing. All writing is the same it is just how it is told and written that is different. All writing compositions are about memories or events in their lives or that of someone else.”

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