the problem or business need

Paper instructions: Develop a written recommendation for your client that holistically addresses the problem or business need by doing the following: 1. Explain the problem or business need that your recommendation will seek to solve. 2. Analyze three different functional areas (production, marketing ,and finance) that might be contributing to the issue. a. Recommend a solution that includes the three functional areas. b. Recommend implementation resources for your recommended solution. i. Create a timeline for the solution implementation. c. Analyze the long-term financial and organizational impact of the recommendation. Create a final report for your manager reflecting on the experience working with the client, the simulations, and the other assessments you have worked through inthe MBA program by doing the following: 1. Discuss (check for the help you need) five lessons learned from the simulations and other assessments that helped you resolve your client?s problem. 2. Develop three SMART long-term professional goals. 3. Reflect on how the lessons you learned during your MBA training support your professional goals.

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