The Provincial Health Office of Davao Del Sur

DavSur PHB national 126M received Maricar Suizo During the 78th Philippine Public Health Association Annual Convention on July 2010 at the Grand Opera Rizal Avenue corner Doroteo Cruz the Provincial Health or the Davao del Sur Local Health was awarded the title of Best Performing Local Health Board by the Philippine Public Health Association and the Department of Because they came out on top of numerous health boards throughout the the PHB was awarded 126 million pesos that serves as health The amount was to be spent as 60M for additional buildings in Davao del Sur 20M for the equipment needed in these new and 46M to be distributed to district hospitals namely Jose Abad Don and Alexis president of the presented this award to Douglas the PHO and Azucena the Provincial Health with the theme the Unification of Health at the said venue and Anthony the DOH was also present in this Being awarded this title at a very important people would wonder why this every other equally prestigious was chosen to receive this great The PHB obtained the said award because of the delivery of its services according to Liza They are the ones who recommend the proper

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