The Rabinnovich article titled ‘Seven Wars

The Rabinnovich article titled ‘Seven Wars and a Peace Treaty’,gives a chronological background of wars made between Arabs and Israeli’s after the birth of Israeli state. I: First War;1948-1949 The Israeli’s reffered this war as the war of Independence.It had two distinct phases.It first begun in 1947 after UN resolution on the partition of Palestine.The resolution was accepted by the Jewish community,but Arabs rejected.The result was a civil war.Until May 15, 1948 th two feuding communities tried to predispose the outcome of the full-fledged strife that was bound to folow te evacuation of British forces.As a result,much of fighting was mainly over the control of roads and the mixed cities. After Israeli’s declaration of independence,Egypt,Lebanon,Iraq,Syria and Jordan invaded Palestine to help Palestinian Arabs.This war lasted eight months.Israel Defence Forces (IDF) a formal army,fought with 5 arab states armies. By December 1948,it was clear that Israel had won the war.Egyptian army was advanced well into Sinai.Lebanese army was pushed back to its borders and Israelis captured part of South Lebanon.Syrian army was forced to retreat to a line corresponding,to the pre 1948 international boundary.Those zones became demilitarized.The war ended with Jordan in control of what became West Bank.Iraqi army played a minor role,ts major role was pushing the Arab League to intervene in the war. But how could Israel succeed? It enjoyed the benefit of coherent leadership,whose impact was magnified by David Ben-Gurion’s ability to integrate military and politiical elements into comphrensive strategy.Israel was predicted on social and political structures of its own long before.Later in the war,it obtained arms and turneits early military disadvantages into advantages.Soviet assistance to Israel was one reflection of the international dimension of the war.By helping Israel,Moscow hoped to disturb the status quo. In the end of the …

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