TERM PAPER ON A CRITICAL ANALYSIS ON THE REALIST THEORY OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS WRITTEN BY PAUL EJE DANIEL DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR SUBMITTED TO DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF AS A PARTIAL FULFILLMENT TO THE COURSE REQUIREMENT OF THEORIES OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 2014 TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION THE REALIST THEORY OF CORE ELEMENTS OF REALISM AND THE INTERNATIONAL OF REALIST IR INTRODUCTION Dating back to the establishment of a chair of international relations at the University of Wales in Aberstwyth in after the end of the first world war the need for a theoretical and analytical study of global politics vise a vise the necessity for international relations was In given a more understanding to different scholars from various academic disciplines such as diplomatic history and political science have all contributed to the study of international relations and as such the development of theoretical analysis to further portray a better understanding of international relations and the international system as a Theories of international relations emerged as a of international relations to focus attention on assumptions or perception behind events and results in international relations Idealism or Modernism and

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