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Organizational Politics is seen as a necessary evil aspect of work environment. Several studies have been performed that have compared organizational behavior with other activities and outcomes in the workplaces such as job satisfaction affective organizational commitment and job anxiety. However despite studies there has been no significant linkage between political perceptions and turnover. Thus any evidence linked perceptions of organizational politics to the above outcomes c an suggest more than one interpretation. Ferris et al (1989) suggested that perceived politics may lead to positive outcomes when they are experienced as opportunity stress. It seems that employees respondThe relationship between perception of organizations to opportunity stress by putting more time and effort into their jobs to make a bad situation better. Theorists have provided two explanations that link perceptions of organizational politics to negative politics to negative work outcomes. The first explanation suggests that politics are a source of stress reflected by employees? attitudes. The other theory suggests that ideas of organizational politics are detrimental to the maintenance of healthy employee-organizational exchange relationships Aryee et al.; Hall Hochwarter Ferris and Bowen 2004 The stress based effects are directly related to attitudinal and behavioral reactions. Demands are placed on workers to engage in political behaviors to compete for resources. Employees tend to see their job demands as overwhelming and the additional strain cuts into job performance and also can affect employee health. The Ferris et all?s 2002 model specifies that job anxiety job satisfaction affective commitment performance and turnover intensions are direct outcomes of organizational politics. It is believed however that job anxiety job satisfaction and affective commitment are caused by performance So monitoring political activities in the workplace is a difficult endeavor A better method is to incorporate goals that discourage managers for creating work environments that are not political. To be effective such programs must: show a relationship between organizational politics i.e. teamwork decision making conflict management define behavioral anchors of these competencies that are focused on reducing politics in the work environment make employees accountable for the activities.”

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