The River Has No Conscience It was early o

The River Has No Conscience It was early on a Sunday morning. My Mother was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for my sister and me. We were getting ready for our day on the Delaware River. My Mom and Sister were going skidder tubing with some of their friends. I was going canoe fishing on the River with a close friend of the family. Little did I know at the time, what would lie ahead in the way of danger. I was really excited about the day ahead as I had never been on the Delaware before. The swiftness and height of the river made it seem even more adventurous. I felt like a real outdoorsman! As we packed up the last of our gear in the little white pick up truck, my heart pounded with excitement at the thought of pulling one of those walleye out of the river. I had been fishing once at an old man’s house that lived on the Pennsylvania side of the river. Ever since I saw him pull that walleye out of the river, I couldn’t wait to do it myself, but today was going to be even better than when I watched from the side of the river. I would be on the River right there with the fish. Once we got to Long Eddy, we unpacked the truck. My mother and the other people went their way and we went the other. My mom yelled back one last time, ” Be careful Joey… don’t take off that life jacket and steer clear of the rapids. The river is high today because the gates are open”. My mom had a friend who did river runs with tourists for trout fishing and had called them that morning to find out if there was anything else we needed to know regarding safety on the river. I felt confident the day would go well. My Mom’s friend that took me fishing that day had a lot of experience on the river. My mother was still really worried about me going because I was inexperienced and nieve to the real dangers of the river. She would have preferred, I went with her and the younger children, but as usual, I got my way. Finally,…

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