"The Road Not Taken" Poetry Exp.

Poetry Road Not By Robert Frost The four time Pulitzer Prize winning Robert is well known for his picturesque portrayal of rural focusing mainly on the New England region of the United Road Not published in 1916 is one of his earliest written and most highly praised It is considered a masterpiece of American Literature and its content is frequently studied by high school and college students to this The poem is a closed frame narrative type consisting of four stanzas with a rhyme scheme of While being the most popular of the numerous poems written by Robert it has also been one of the most misinterpreted and openly interpreted poems of his Its main focus is on a presumably who comes upon a fork in the trail while hiking through the woods in Through use of inverted syntax and an abstruse yet halcyon Frost depicts the difficulty of making decisions in how those decisions effect your life and how one must live with the choices they make and the chances they The literal and figurative meanings of this poem have been and can be interpreted in a few different The title Road Not is many times mistakenly referred to

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