The Role of the Military in Nigeria Politics

THE ROLE OF THE MILITARY IN NIGERIA POLITICS BY IRABOR IKECHUKWU MPA THIS IS SUBMITTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN PARTIAL FUFILLMENT OF THE AWARD OF DEGREE OF MASTERS IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION UNIVERSITY OF LECTURER DR EBOHON 2012 INTRODUCTION The role of the military in Nigeria politics cannot be over We are going to analyse this issue from and their role in present day The Federation of as it is known has never really been one homogeneous for its widely differing peoples and This obvious fact the former colonial master decided to keep the country one in order to effectively control her vital resources for their economic for administrative convenience the Northern and Southern Nigeria were amalgamated in Thereafter the only thing this people had in common was the name of their country since each side had different administrative set This alone was an insufficient basis for true Under normal circumstances the amalgamation ought to have brought the various peoples together and provided a firm basis for the arduous task of establishing closer and linguistic ties vital for true unity among the There was unhealthy and pronounced disparity in This and so many others were

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