The role of the supernatural in the Tempest

Katrina Hapner PAGE Professor Mendel LITR 313 December 2013 The Role of the Supernatural in From the very start of magic is used to mesmerize the The entire plot of this play is very reliant on the and Caliban all have magical Magic lets these mainly manipulate the other characters and make them do their Magic also maneuvers the love and themes of the Magic is the motivation behind movement and plot Throughout the entire magic is use to make a variety of things Magic is the heart of and controls things in the Shakespeare uses magic to create Prospero who seems a divine He is the main character and Shakespeare gives him power to interfere in things around Shakespeare wanted a happy ending and in order for this to happen the characters and events must be manipulated through Prospero was the most powerful character due to magic and he led the relationship of Miranda and use of magic was felt throughout the but also throughout The supernatural aspects of are very different from some of his other plays that involve magic like Midsummer with the and with the weird sister The magic in is more not and less Because

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