The search for Everlasting Life Gilgamesh wep

The search for Everlasting Life Gilgamesh wept over the death of his friend Enkidu. He thought that he was also going to die like his brother. So he went to see Utnapishtim who has everlasting life. So he went out looking for it and came to a great mountain named Mashu. At the front of the moutain stood two men-scorpion. they saw courage and strength in Gilgamesh and let him through the moutains. They told him that in the valley of the moutain was completely dark, and that lasts for twelve leagues. Gilgamesh then proceeded and at the end of the eleven leagues the light began to shine through. He then entered the garden of the gods. There he met Siduri and she told him that he needs to go to Urshanabi the ferryman. Urshanabi then took him to Utnapishtim. Gilgamesh then asked Utnapishtim about life and death. He told Gilgamesh about how he got everlasting life. The return Utnapishtim gave Gilgamesh a test, and it was to not sleep for six days and seven nights. Then Gilgamesh fell asleep then Utnapshtims wife baked a loaf of bread for every day that Gilgamesh was asleep. When Gilgamesh woke he found that he slept for seven days. Utnapishtim told Ursanabi to take Gilgamesh to the water and clean his body and hair and give him new clothes that would look new for his return to Uruk. Urshanabi took Gilgamesh home, but before they left Utnapishtim told Gilgamesh that there is a plant in the sea that will give your youth back. So Gilgamesh went under the sea and got it. On the way back they stopped for rest, and Gilgamesh went for a bath and a serpent took the plant. They then returned to Uruk and wrote a story of the trip on a rock. The Death of Gilgamesh Gilgamesh returned home safely and died. It was his destiny was to be a great king. His destiny was not to achieve everlasting life. …

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