The Social Workers Role in End of Life Care

The Social Workers Role in Care Elmira College Brandon Saylor INTRO Social workers are central health care professionals in working with healthcare and surrogates in the health and in the communication and conflict resolution process that is integral to health care decision Their knowledge set and experience make them an essential member of current health care practices fail to effectively utilize the social worker as a patient advocate in dealing with the multitude of patient needs that arise and after hospice care and With the technological transformation of medicine in recent it is now possible to extend the life of terminally ill allowing individuals to live in severely disabled and prolonging the dying Such an ability to extend life raises ethical issues about quality of individual and the phenomenology of pain and suffering Morrissey In a study on the experience of social workers working with hospice patients with unmet needs at the end of the most frequently cited barrier to addressing and overcoming unmet needs was social and cultural issues related to death and dying et Ethical problems are not random or isolated failures of the system but often fundamental products of that system This essay will focus on the

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