The street act 1 The main character in The Street Ann Petry shows t Essay Help

The main character in The Street Ann Petry shows that even in the hardest of times one should continue to push forward even if the wind [pushes]? them away. The wind is trying to prevent those outside especially Lutie from accomplishing their mission/goals. The wind blocks Lutie?s path almost as if it were the difficult situation she is going through. The wind forced the Lutie to shiver as its cold fingers?touched the back of her neck explored the sides of her head?. Petry also shows that the wind is doing every possible thing to discourage the people walkingThe street act 1 on the street by finding chicken bones and pork-chop bones? and every scrap of paper along the street?. The violent assault? of the wind forced not only Lutie but also every other pedestrian on the street back to their homes as it grew difficult to breathe?. also indicating that the wind is a hardship that one must face outside of their cozy warm home. Looking at lutes? situation/ troubles the win seems almost like it has something?s against them and all the pedestrians as if the city was cursed up on. Most of the details are primarily aimed towards the win and what it is doing to the scenario such as when it sucked [the] window shades out through the top? of opened windows and stuck its fingers? inside of people?s coat collars. In other words the wind is deliberately interfering with its surroundings creating a stressful situation where one would need a sanctuary to avoid the sinister gusts. The flapping? of the shades every scrap of paper? being thrown against the people on the streets and dirt and dust? being lifted into the air making it difficult to breathe? creating a chaotic atmosphere. In The Street Petry creates the idea that in hard stressful times one needs a sanctuary to avoid the wind? of life?s powerful gusts. Through three crucial subtle components personification imagery and selection of detail the purpose of the story was perfectly conveyed. Petry intended for the wind to have a mind as it was forcing people back to their sanctuaries.”

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