The Study of pH pH is the measure of H+ (a p

The Study of pH pH is the measure of H+ (a proton) a concentration of a solution. In order to understand pH, a scale has been designed, this scale ranges from 0 to 14. Anything from 0 to 6.99 is acidic, a substance that increases hydrogen ions concentration in a solution, such as lemon juice. If the scale ranges from 8 to 14 would be determined as a basic solution, a substance that reduces the hydrogen ions concentration in a solution, an example of this would be ammonia. If the solution concentrate has a pH of 7 this would be neutral, such as pure water. Although pH can be determined in various ways, the most common ways to indicate pH are by using indicator papers. One type of paper is called litmus paper, this paper merely tells you whether it is acidic or basic, it does not establish what the pH may be. pH paper, which is another type you may use, can actually approximate the actual pH of a solution. pH measure is important to many biologists in order to study the effects an acidic solution may do to the environment. For example, as stated in, Biology the 4th edition book (p. 50), Some scientists have observed and experimented and confirmed that acid precipitation is harming both terrestrial and fresh water Eco systems. I attempted to experiment with some solutions, I used lemon juice, antacid, coke , aspirin, and ammonia. I believe that lemon juice and ammonia are strong solutions so they will be acidic. The remaining solutions I believe will be basic. Determining pH The prepared solutions were filled in a beaker and placed on a counter top for the purpose of experimentation. I used red and blue litmus paper to determine whether the solution was a base or an acid. Before starting my experiment I recorded my test substances I would be using, I tore of a small piece of blue litmus paper and dipped into my solution number one a recorded the color. I repeated this step and recorded the colors as I went …

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