the theory of evolution in the 20th and 21 century

the theory of evolution in the 20th and 21 century? For a research paper, the research question that you will answer, or the problem you will pose, is as important as what you will write. If the question is too broad, or too narrow of focus, it would be difficult to do this paper. In the past 3 weeks, the textbook has provided you with a wealth of information regarding what physical anthropologists do as well as about evolution. Even the chapters on cellular biology and population genetics have focused on how evolution occurs with an organism and how a point mutation may impact on a gene pool and natural selection.Assignment:? Write a paper on an aspect of the theory of evolution in the 20th and 21 century.? Sample topics:o The genome project and how it has helped physical anthropologists, biological evolutionists, and population geneticists address various diseases and the genetic traits that are inheritated.o Sickle cell anemia,o A discovery that only a 1% differences between humans and other Chimpanzees.o Viruses? Requirements:o Do not include a cover page.o Include a title for paper on the top of the essay.o Name and the class section must be located in the top right hand corner, single-spacedo The paper must have only 1-inch margins.o All pages should be numbered, on the right bottom.o Font- Times New Roman 12-pointo Double-spaced and 5-7 pages, no more, no less.o The paper should be written in Microsoft wordo Citations: Please make sure to properly cite the readings using MLA style within the paragraphs and on a citation page.? Make sure to use quotation marks if you use another person?s words (word for word) and properly cite within the paragraph. Also make sure to cite it properly on the citation page. If you use someone elses concept, also cite within paragraph and on citation page.Rubric for GradingExcellent = 5-7 pages: Succinct writing that explains your thesis, addresses the topic and research used to support for your thesis. Includes strong supporting evidence and examples. Proper citation, good spelling and punctuation. Clarity and flow in paper.Good= 5-7 pages: Written well, fairly succinct, analyzing and providing supporting evidence and examples however may not be as strong. Proper citations, one or two misspellings or punctuation mistakes only. Clarity and flow in paper.Fair= 5-7 pages: Written well, not too wordy, explains some [not as strong] in support and analysis of main thesis. Gives some (fair) evidence. Proper citations, more than three misspellings or punctuation mistakes. Is lacking in clarity and flow in paper.Poor [Unsatisfactory]= not within 5-7 pages: Wordy, does poor job of articulating the thesis, lacks research, analysis, and does not have supporting evidence. May or may not have proper citation, multiple misspellings or punctuation mistakes. Lack clarity and flow in paper.For information on MLA style and use the resource below:

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