The topic of racial profiling amongst minority i

The topic of racial profiling amongst minority individuals in the state of New Jersey has been a heated issue for the past several years. This department has been charged with numerous allegations of racism and is the main focus for racial based events in police departments nationwide. Although racial profiling amongst police officers in the state of New Jersey has been a major issue for many years, it has not been until recently that action has been taken in order to investigate the alleged profiling that has occurred. Hence, until recently, “African American drivers on the New Jersey turnpike stood a much greater chance than white drivers being stopped by the state police for a random drug search.”(Cohen) However, racial profiling is not only holding victims of minority simply on the road, but also minority-based officers within the department are being victimized as well. Moreover, the issue of racial profiling has been raised in the courts and will continue to be analyzed. On April 21, 1999 Governor Christie Todd Whitman spoke at a press conference in Newark, NJ. She stated that, – 1 – “evidence of racial profiling is not something the state had any reason to anticipate.”(Whitman) In contrast, the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey stated, “officials have been fighting this issue for more than five years. (ACLU) Moreover, Based on statistical evidence presented to the courts in 1994 and 1995, they found in a 1996 decision that “a policy of racial profiling was in operation on the New Jersey Turnpike”(Diamond). Moreover, the state has consistently disputed the courts’ findings, yet up until one week before the state’s appeal was to be argued in court, the state had dropped all charges of its appeal. In evidence, reports presented at trial in the case of State vs. Soto, it revealed that although African Americans “comprised only 13.5% of drivers and 15% of the vehicles speeding along the stretch of the tur…

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