The Transformation It was a normal Tuesday f

The Transformation It was a normal Tuesday for Ted Williams, on his way to his job at 6:30 in the morning. He has no wife or children and his parents have recently passed away. He is in a dead-end job that he hates. He doesnt even know why he continues to work there; maybe it is for the money or sense of responsibility. Either way the job is very degrading. His daily routine is very uniform. He stops at his usual coffee stand for his decaffeinated coffee and jelly donut for breakfast. He then makes his way to the 16th subway station and waits for the 7:00 subway. As he stands there eating his donut he notices something very peculiar about the station. Through his eyes it appears to be bigger than usual. Maybe it is just the early morning and lack of sleep affecting his judgment but it is bothering him. The subway arrives on time and he boards. As he is sitting on the seats he watches rats along the subway scurry off the track and into the little cracks into the wall. He wonders what it is like to be that small. As the rats distract him he spills his coffee on the sleeve of his shirt. As he wipes the coffee off his sleeve he notices that his sleeves are bigger than they use to be. He ponders it for a minute than ignores it. The subway comes to the stop and he gets off. He proceeds to the exit of the subway and into the streets of Philadelphia. He looks at his watch and realizes that if he doesnt hurry he will be late for work. He starts to run but struggles to get through the large crowds of people that dont even try to get out of his way. As he is running he drops his briefcase and all of his papers fall out. He is feeling very frustrated and mad that he dropped his briefcase and that nobody is helping him pick the papers up. As he thrashes about he can here the hate filled comments from the drivers of the cars such as Get out of the way you waste of space! and Youre such a loser! …

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