The Use of Reflection in Workplace Coaching

The Use of Reflection in Workplace Coaching Introduction This white paper seeks to explore the relevance and use of reflection within the context of workplace Evidence will be presented that supports the educational and developmental value of this In one particular tool will be recommended that workplace coaches can use to facilitate the reflective process for The science behind reflection Some of the most compelling descriptions of the significance of reflection as a key to changes in the hence changes to come from the field of In her article on Function and Adult Taylor1 sees that reflecting on and questioning brings about changes in how people understand aspects of themselves and their This sentiment is echoed in the interest and use of storytelling and narration in the corporate education particularly in change management and leadership development Norman a research psychiatrist and psychoanalyst from Colombia University also proposes that by reflecting and narrating to another person it allows for learning and because and significant social relationships build and shape the While these examples of neuroscience exploration support reflection as a developmental it has been widely used in the education sector for quite some Professions such as nurses and teachers use reflection

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