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Our Constitution guarantees them all those rights freedom and privileges enjoyed by the male. Consequently they now feel emancipated and free. The women of India who form almost 50% of the population have equal opportunities and rights and can aspire to any position and status in society. Many of them are in top positions in various fields of life. A few of them have been great political leaders entrepreneurs administrators and business persons. This marked change in their outlook social and economic status reflects the fact that their emancipation has been almost complete. It is a fact thatThe women of India Indian women have much better status than their counterparts in many other developing countries. Today women in India are well conscious of their rights and privileges and they are politically socially economically and educationally not backward anymore. Their participation in the democratic process and elections has been quite impressive. In a large number of constituencies women voters outnumber men voters on the days of polling. They are contesting elections at various levels in far greater numbers. Their political wisdom and social sagacity has now been fully recognised. The status of women in India in modern times has undergone a sea change. During the last few decades India has produced many great women leaders social workers administrators reformers and literary personalities like Annie Besant Vijay Lakshmi Pandit Sachet Kripalani Indira Gandhi P.T. Usha Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur Padmaja Naidu Kalpana Chawla Mother Teresa Mahadevi Verma Subhadra Kumari Chauhan and Amrita Pritam etc. India really feels very proud because of these great women and their great achievements in various fields. Their contribution in the fields of art science and sports etc. has also been equally significant and memorable. Their active participation in various social political economical educational scientific and other nation- building activities as mothers wives sisters and daughters has been of vital importance in taking the country to greater heights. And yet there is no room for any complacency. They are doubly burdened as they have to work hard both as employed women and housewives. Ours is still a male- dominated society and women have to depend on men for protection and help at every stage of life. As a daughter she needs protection from her father; as a married woman she has to depend on her husband; and in old age again she has to depend upon her husband or son. Women in India are still exploited and abused. They are still regarded as inferior to men. The birth of a female child is considered a curse in parts of the country.”

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