The World of Computers What do we usual

The World of Computers What do we usually think of when we hear the word computer? Well most of us seem to fret or run away when we hear that word but why? The computer is one of the best inventions that anyone has ever come up with, why our whole world is practically run by them. A computer is something that no one should take for granted or kicks to the curb just because one does not take the time to become computer literate. In the following paragraphs I will explain why it is so important to have computers in an educational facility than just a plain old typewriter. The personal computer today has dominated our culture so that the once ubiquitous typewriter has been rendered practically silent. The importance of computers in our lives today is almost an essential key part of the way our lifestyles have evolved. We have computers every where from a PC in our home to a computer chip in our car. There are so many places computer applications can be used but I would like to emphasize on how computers are used in work areas or school environment vs. a typewriter. The typewriter is still a great invention but seems to be being replaced by the high tech age of computers. Of course not all of us can afford the big bad computers with every option known to man but most of us can settle for something down to the ordinary level. And then there are some us who just rather stay with their good and ancient friend the typewriter. Computers are and will even soon evolve into something that none of us will every dream of, from running our appliances to even running our lives; assuming all of us can afford it! In the following paragraphs I will explain and show you why computers are a better choice than the old fashion typewriter. First I would like to talk about the differences between a computer and a typewriter. A typewriter does have a couple advantages for one its very easy to pack up and carry wherever you go but if you have …

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