Theory of Change

Theory of ChangePaper instructions: Theory of Change: How do you believe this product will improve community college student retention and graduation rates for students who place into developmental classes? Please support your answer with relevant user data or research. 500 words i just need this part. first, you need to go through the instructions. in this project, i will design a website for international students, i need you to decsribe hoe this website help international students. 1. international students can share the links they think it is important for international students to study 2. they can ask questions on this website, and other students to answer the questions. there are many forums to sperate the parts the questions they are asking. 3. in this website, we can translate into their own language in the first page of the website, when you log in, there are a questionwhere are you from? after you choose your country, it will change to your own language part. there still has common part, in that forum, it will be english. you can ask questions in english in this forum, or you can ask the questions in your own language in your parts. can you summary all my ideas in a good paragraph? (there are also an example i already uploaded and you can see it first.)II. Project name & Missions statementProject: International student community (Temp.)Mission statement: to help the international student to have a good communication platform, and graduate or transfer timely.III. Summary of existing challengeCalifornia is one of the most popular destinations for international student. The number of international student in California increases from 23,000 in 2001 to 96,535 in 2011(Bernadette, 2). For the most of these student English is not their native language. They have to enroll to ESL classes, so the biggest problem of ESL students is how they should communicate with their professor and other classmate efficiently. (Hagey, 1974, p. 16) states that 60% of them require extra time in exams and around 40% are unable to take notes.It is indisputable from the interviews conducted that language challenges are the most difficult challenges encountered because they hinder communication and understanding. Another problem is cultural challenges for example in the most of Asian countries student cannot meet teacher out of class hours. Fit in the environment is another problem of international student. The way the students deal with a strange environment is full of stress, how they pass these stresses is so important. After economic crash, the budget of community colleges and universities decrease, so they don?t offer enough courses for students. It is very difficult for international student to enroll in classes because the priority is belongs to students who are citizens, so it postpone international student enrolment. Finally cost is another problem. International students have to pay $ 3,000 each semester for 12 units. IV. Program and Technology ideasSNS for international student DVC set up an app and a site for specially international student. This SNS is like Facebook. The student may log into it from their the Insite account. Also, Student needs to pay a fee (10~20 bucks every year). This SNS has REWARDING POINT and Wiki, forum. You may earn it when you make an article on the wiki, gives advice to someone on the forum, you may earn it. This rewording point can exchange to real Money(100 point = 1 dollar)DVC, also, provides professional advisors (counselors, native student, previous student who graduated and tutors.) It is easy to know which class should I take. How much GPA do we need to transfer to UC university. Which class is useful. And so on.:

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