There is a company down in Silicon Valley that

There is a company down in Silicon Valley that seems to think it needs to produce more and more CPUs to push to the public to buy them when they are not needed. Intel has to market things but when they push so much for things that arent necessary such as a newer version of the one before. The company is called Intel and they have a very fast growing market that they like to have control of. Two weeks after you buy one of their products they want you to think its obsolete and not worth any thing anymore and that you need to go buy the newest and the best once again. They make a variety of chips such as the Celleron, Pentium (II,III), Xeon, and a few others. The Celleron processor has its benefits in the computer age today. It is cheaper and more cost effective than the other ones out there by Intel. Mainly home users who cant afford the top of the line systems out for purchase use the Celleron version. The Celleron tends to come in systems valued less than Fifteen Hundred Dollars. The bus speed included is 66Mhz which is slightly slower than the new 100mhz with the Pentium II 350 and above. The Celleron can be used for word processing and some games with out 3dfx acceleration. If you are looking to upgrade than this would not be something your family should be interested in. If you are a serious gamer and edit video then you should go purchase a Pentium II,III system. The Pentium systems are the most widely used and operated home and business computer used today. There is no difference in the Pentium II, or III until you reach over 550 mhz which over that clock speed allows the new 133Mhz buss speed. Currently the bus speed is 100Mhz. However if that is not important to you then you might want to go the Celeron direction. The Xeon processor is mailny used for servers and supercomputers. The average Joe could not afford the this chip as the newest models are as expensive as 2,000 brand new for a 500Mhz chip. T…

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