There was onceWhen I first enrolled for this class

There was onceWhen I first enrolled for this class, I had no idea that we would discuss topics that effect everybody in the class in one way or another. This class is good because it allows each student to debate where he or she stands on a subject. Every aspect that we covered will impact my life. The movies we watched gave us an opportunity to listen, watch, and take in the experiences of others. The journals were windows into the thoughts and feelings of the students that the professor looked into to monitor the students progress. And it was relaxing to sit in a comfortable chair while we learn. protect and serve her. For me, the most important subject that we covered was persona that the media gave off as being the ideal girl or the perfect guy. The media portrays them as having a tiny waist and ample breast or six pack with bulging muscles. Like when we discussed what the opposite sex is looking for in each other, I went home and made my own list: 1) sense of humor 2) honest 3) considerate 4) out going 5) talkative and then compared to my girlfriend. At my job, my boss is Korean. Bibliography 1. poems -milhouse simpson …

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