There were many changes taking place in the US

There were many changes taking place in the US around the year 1800. The frontier land was constantly being pushed back by new settlements and would contribute to the history of slavery and African Americans. Louisana was purchased in 1803 and freedom-loving young settlers as well as successful cotton plantation masters moved west to try and exploit the unsettled land. This conflict was complicated by the Industrial revolution and development of the cotton gin which only promoted the use of slavery. The freedom-loving young settlers I mentioned were only one brand of explorers to the West. The other type of settler was the freedom-loving exploit whoever I can along the way type of settler who took many slaves with them and used the West to expand cotton production. African Americans played a large role in the exploration of the West. When Lewis and Clark set out in 1803 to explore the Louisiana Territory, Clark took his trusted slave York along. York distracted the Indians and provided food for Lewis and Clark through his skilled hunting and fishing. After the expedition was over, York was given his freedom and it is said that he returned to the West and became an Indian chief. The fur trade allowed many blacks to take a leading role in establishing the West. Africans bridged the gap between Indians and Europeans and became key to the success of the fur trade in these developing states. The exploration of the West was slowed by the political stress of this time period. The War of 1812 offered African-Americans yet another chance to serve their country. While blacks werent recruited as such to fight in the war, many blacks took up arms. New York, however, in 1814 passed an act that would raise two regiments of men of color. Each regiment would have about 1000 blacks that would be paid equal to that of whites. General Andrew Jackson, needing more soldiers, recruited many blacks to his company in the fall of 1814. M…

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