Theurigism in the works of William Golding

American International Journal of Research in Arts and Social Sciences Available online at ISSN ISSN ISSN AIJRHASS is a multidisciplinary and open access journal published by International Association of Scientific Innovation and Research USA Association Unifying the and Applied in the Fictional World of William Golding Prakash Bhadury Lecturer India Theurgy usually is the practice of trying to gain the knowledge and conversation of Higher or Inner Two inter related stages of development progression of the Self and progression of the World occur successively but until self is not purified one cannot do any good to the society as the individual is the unit of any given society and the fictional world of William Golding while showing the regression in the present day Godless ushers in the way to the transformation of the world via the individual souls to timeless Theurgist contribution has been unconscious percolation of the original purity of man and against essential human This paper explores how a religious mythopoeia is constructed in the background of spiritual void and moral relativism of the postwar era while as a true that the secret of evolution is the manifestation of perfection which is already in every A pantheistic belief

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