Thinking Like a Psychologist

Thinking Like a PsychologistObjective: To apply the notions of psychology to everyday living, based on the entries in your ?What If? Journal.Requirements: Using your ?What If? Journal entries, lessons from this course and the Internet (or other reliable sources), complete each of the six assignments listed below. The final product should be a document (Microsoft Word or similar) of between 10 and 15 pages, double spaced. A page is generally 300 words.Report your findings using the following guidelines for each of the first five items below:Identify the source of your materialsProvide a one page description of the information you discovered, relative to the listed assignment, in conjunction with entries from your ?What If? JournalProvide a one page description of your reaction to the material. Examine it critically (e.g. Do you agree with it? Why? Did it change your thinking about the topic? Did you discover worthwhile information? How can you use the information?)ASSIGNMENTS:1. Pick a question from your ?What If? Journal from Chapter 1 (Topic 1B) and research the answer via the medium of your choosing (i.e. the textbook, the Internet, magazines, etc.). Discuss your findings.2. Visit the web page of the American Psychological Association (APA). Determine which of the questions from your ?What If? Journal could be answered from the APA site and the links associated with it. List those questions in your summary. Then pick one specific question from your journal and research the answer from the APA site. Discuss your findings.3. Find a web site which features information related to self help topics in psychology. Use this site to answer a question from your ?What If? Journal. Discuss your findings.4. Find a web site which features information relative to critical thinking. Compare and contrast its description of critical thinking with our Critical Thinking Model the DRC. Pick a question from your ?What If? Journal and outline how the critical thinking description you found could be used to answer your question. (Note: You do not need to answer your question, just outline the process.)5. Pick one question out of your ?What If? Journal whose answer will provide you with a major impact to your life going forward. Research the answer via the medium of your choosing (i.e. the textbook, the Internet, magazines, etc.). Discuss your findings.Additionally, you will need to complete number six related to your overall experience.6. Create a one page description illustrating your experience using your ?What If? Journal. Include at least three items: 1) How keeping the journal and researching the responses helped you think like a psychologist; 2) What you learned about yourself by keeping the journal; and 3) What went into your decision in picking your ?What If? Journal notebook or its themed cover.!

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