This book is about the Tribulation period that t

This book is about the Tribulation period that takes place after the Rapture of the church. It begins as the Rapture takes place, and people suddenly disappear leaving nothing but their clothes, jewelry, etc. Non-believers are terrified and frightened as they try to figure out what has happened to thier loved ones. The main character, Rayford, is an airplane piolot who loses his wife and his son to the Raputre. He was in a struggling marriage and was debating about having an affair with his head stewardess, hattie. Hattie befriends a young journalist on the plane and they try to make contacts with their families after the Rapture. They plan to keep in touch after the plane lands. Rayford realizes that his wife had witnessed about the Raputre to him, and that is obviously what has happened. He goes to his wife’s church to find Bruce who’s testimony was that he was too proud to be saved before the Rapture. Rayford takes the video explanation of the rapture home. He receives salvation, and tries desperately to convince his daughter Chloe to make the same decision. Rayford, Chloe and Buck the journalist team up with Buck to study the Bible and learn all they can about the tribulation period. They begin to read about the Antichrist, and they make plans to build a shelter. They desperately try to persuade Hattie, but she doesn’t conceed. The book ends with Buck, Chloe, Rayford and Bruce becoming the Tribulation force as they set out to lead others to Christ during the tribulation period. …

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