This is the main topic: 6 page

This is the main topic: 6 pages:Your client, the management team at Cape Breton Highlands NationalPark, is interestedin successivelyincreasing thenumber of visitorsto the park in 2015,2016 & 2017.1. Furthermore, the marketing plan will be handed in, then plan will be picked so basically the paper have to represent what we would do if they hired us.A Marketing Plan FrameworkExhibitsAs required? Situation Analysis? Objectives? Product/Brand Strategy? Supporting Marketing Programs? Financial Documents? Monitors and Controls? Contingency PlansPaper instruction:Title Page? Name of product or brand under consideration? Time period for which the plan is designed? Person or people submitting the plan? Person or people to whom the plan is being submitted? Date of submission of the planIntroduction? Should address:Context (why the plan is being written, in this place, at this time)Focus and scope of the documentOrganization of the documentSituational Analysis? Should address:Current performance of the organizationMacro environmentIndustry and competitorsMarket demandCustomer needs and customer profilesOther?Marketing Objectives? Should be SMART(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound)? Should be quantitative? In 2014, must go beyond sales and shareTarget Markets? Should identify the chosen customer base and the rationale for choosing this group v. others? Description should be as complete as possible and informed by relevant data (i.e. market research and analysis)Positioning? Should clearly identify the position the product/brand intends to occupy in the mind of the target buyer? For ____________ we offer _____________ and we?re better than the competition because of ______________.? Typically, supported by positioning grids and perceptual mapsMarketing Program (Marketing Mix)? Identifies how each element of the market mix will be managed, in support of positioning vis-?-vis chosen target segments and in pursuit of marketing objectivesImplementation? Answers the who, what, when, where and how much questions? Typically supported by multiple schedulesFinancial Analysis? At a minimum, the plan is going to include:A. Sales forecastB. Market budget? Recognize that even from A and B above, the marketing manager can begin to use measures like Marketing ROI to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan..

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