This Land is Your Land

This Land is Your LandOrder DescriptionThis essay should be a 750-1000 word essay focusing on the poetry we have read during Weeks 3 and 4. The Poem is located below.This essay will be the first in which you will use some sources. While it should primarily use passages from the poem to Discuss (check for the help you need) as evidence, it should also reference 1-2 informational or critical sources from outside of your textbook.1. The essay should be in MLA essay format (see the sample essay for an example of an MLA formatted essay).2. The essay must have an MLA format works cited list that cites all sources used.3. The essay grading rubric can be found here.Assignment: Analyze one poem from the assigned readings; Poem Below, using one of the following critical approaches (NOT reader response) we Discuss (check for the help you need)ed in the Week four forum, using one to two secondary sources to help support your argument. Make sure that the essay has a strong thesis related to the approach?do not argue that ?this poem is best analyzed with this approach.? Again the allowed critical approach choices are:? biographical criticism? feminist criticism? historical criticism? Marxist and social criticism? New Historicism? psychological criticism? structuralismWOODY GUTHRIEThis Land Is Your LandThis land is your land, This land is my land,From California to the New York island;From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream watersThis land was made for you and me.As I was walking that ribbon of highway,5I saw above me that endless skyway;I saw below me that golden valley;This land was made for you and me.I?ve roamed and rambled and I followed my footstepsTo the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts;10And all around me a voice was sounding:This land was made for you and me.When the sun came shining, and I was strolling,And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling,As the fog was lifting a voice was chanting:15This land was made for you and me.As I went walking, I saw a sign there,And on the sign it said ?No Trespassing,?But on the other side it didn?t say nothing,That side was made for you and me.20In the shadow of the steeple I saw my people,By the relief office I seen my people;As they stood there hungry, I stood there askingIs this land made for you and me?Nobody living can ever stop me,25As I go walking that freedom highway;Nobody living can ever make me turn back,This land was made for you and me.

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