Thomas Aquinas Question 5: the general framework of good

Thomas Aquinas Question 5: the general framework of goodProject descriptionThe essay should consist of a critical analysis of a philosophical issue or problem discussed in atext by Thomas Aquinas. Your task is to present and explain the position that Aquinas takes withregard to this issue or problem, and assess the merits of his position. This will involve selecting areading from Aquinas, identifying the problem under discussion, explaining clearly andcoherently how Aquinas justifies his solution to this problem, and then evaluating the strength orweakness of his arguments. For example, you might choose to discuss the problem of whetherGod possesses knowledge (discussed in ST I, q. 14). This will require you to read carefullyAquinas texts on this topic (i.e., the articles that make up this question), and then explainprecisely what he has to say about this. In this example, you will be discussing whether Godpossesses knowledge, what kinds of things God knows, what is required for something to be anobject of divine knowledge, are there things that God does not know, does Gods knowledgeincrease, etc. In short, your goal should be to provide a an explication of Aquinas? text.With respect to the topic of your essay, you may choose any text in the Pegis (or Brown)anthology that has not been discussed in class. Also, you should choose a topic that hasphilosophical implications. Texts that examine a purely theological problem should be avoided.!

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