THOMAS JEFFERSON Thomas Jefferson was a grea

THOMAS JEFFERSON Thomas Jefferson was a great man; he will always be remembered as a great president and for his belief in the natural rights of man, which was expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743. Jefferson had six sisters and one brother; he was the third child. After finishing college in 1762, Jefferson studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1767. Jefferson practiced law until public service took up most of his time. He designed and supervised the building of his home in Monticello. Jefferson married Martha Wayles in 1772, and had six children, one son and five daughters. Only two children lived to be adults, Martha and Mary. Mrs. Jefferson died in 1782. Jefferson raised the girls himself. Thomas Jefferson was very active in writing laws and resolutions; he was a very straight forward man. Some people viewed him as being to extreme. Jefferson was chosen to represent Albermale County at the first Virginia Convention. He became ill and was not able to attend, but he sent his messages that British Parliament had no control over the Colonies. Jefferson Was the primary person who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Congress felt that it was too harsh, and had Dickenson take the responsibility of rewriting it. He used allot of Jeffersons original ideas. In 1779 Jefferson became governor of Virginia. He was a Republican by now, and was nominated for president in 1800. Aaron Burr was nominated for Vice President. They received the same amount of votes. The House of Representatives had a vote, and declared Jefferson was the President. Burr was not happy and started a conspiracy against what Jefferson stood for and was trying to do. Jefferson had him arrested and tried for treason, but he was acquitted. Jefferson Founded the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. He designed it, planned it, and hired the professors. Jeffer…

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