Thomas Kim The film, Charlies Angels was a

Thomas Kim The film, Charlies Angels was a visually motivated movie. This film fit under the genre of action/comedy. The action and camera work moved the story forward while keeping the audience attentive. The primary characters were Dylan, a rebellious tomboy, Natalie, a ditzy encyclopedia, Alex, a no nonsense achiever and Eric Nox, a criminal mastermind. Dylan, Natalie and Alex are the main protagonists who work as detectives for a mysterious figure known as Charlie. Dylans motivation is her yearning to have a father figure, which ultimately leads her to protect her boss, Charlie. Natalie and Alexs motivations are tied to Dylans while Natalie is also searching for love and Alex is trying to open up to her boyfriend. Eric Noxs motivation is to have revenge for the death of his father. Our three heroines, Alex, Dylan and Natalie are highly trained super detectives who are hired to find a missing voice recognition computer program and the programs creator, Eric Nox. The three girls determine through some detective work that their main suspect is Noxs main competitor, Redstar Communications. The three go undercover and plant a link to Redstars main computer network. They soon discover that they have been double crossed by Eric Nox who only used the girls to gain access to Redstars communication satellites which he will use in conjunction with his voice recognition program to locate the elusive Charlie whom he blames for the death of his father. Bosley, the liaison between the girls and Charlie, is kidnapped in order to locate Charlie. The girls must now find Bosley and Eric Nox and prevent Eric from locating Charlie. The girls free Bosley but Eric Nox has already located Charlie and flies to kill him in an attack helicopter. Alex, Dylan and Natalie manage to get aboard the helicopter and reprogram the missile, which Eric Nox is planning on using to kill Charlie. The missile instead…

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