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Tiger Brands Limited a Top 40 JSE Limited company whose footprint extends across the African continent and beyond is one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of FMCG products in Southern Africa and has been for several decades. Tiger Brands has been built over several decades through the acquisition and clustering of businesses which own leading food home and personal care brands. It?s success is grown and maintained through the perpetual renovation and innovation of its brands while its approach to expansion acquisitions and joint ventures has given traction to a distribution network that now spans more Tiger Brands Limited than 22 African countries. The Group focus is on the core business of FMCG categories that spread synergy across the value chain ? which a broad basket of categories spans food home and personal care as well as baby products. The wide range of brands are underpinned by comprehensive research and meaningful insights into each of the markets in which Tiger Brands operates. Tiger Brands is without question a world?class operation ? and will continue to hold and grow its position through constant investment in every asset of the business be it in people brands technology efficiency quality or sustainability.”

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