Title: ?I shop therefore I am?: a self consumer analysis.

Title: ?I shop therefore I am?: a self consumer analysis. Paper instructions:Discuss the assertion based on academic literature and reflecting on your own consumer behaviour.Special Instructions:Discuss the self symbolic role of products and services (?possessions?) in your own life. Analyse based on academic theory how your own consumption behaviour relates to key issues of your identity. Issues to discuss could include, but are not limited to: how specific products and services you consume or choose not to consume relate to your individual or collective self, your gender or national identity, your ideal self, your professional self, any identity conflicts etc (i.e. to apply the theories to your own consumer behaviour).Guidelines? You are strongly encouraged to draw links between different ideas from the theory to provide a deep analysis. ? Aim to move beyond a pure description of your behaviour. Rather, aim to evaluate it within the context of the identity theory you have reviewed. In other words, synthesise between the theory and the examples from your own experience. ? Give specific examples from your consumption experience. These do not need to be limited to the present ? you may include products or services which you owned in the past or products you wish to have in the future. Be careful: in this essay the focus is on products and services relevant to identity or self concerns. Not all of your consumption acts will be therefore relevant. ? Aim for depth, not breadth. You are advised to focus on a few key identity areas and related products. You might want to start with a generic overview, but aim to pick a few key areas and go in depth in relation to these ? focus your reading and your reflection.Assessment criteria ? Demonstration that the academic subject area is clearly understood. ? Wide reading on and around the subject area. ? Arguments well illustrated by own consumption behaviour. ? Good integration of theory with emphasis on analysis over description. ? Standard of presentation. ? Solid structure with clear links throughout. ? Conclusions rooted in prior discussion and analysis. ? Correctly referenced.All assessments are subject to the Academic Regulations for Taught Provision. These include regulations relating to Errors of Attribution and Assessment Offences. In exercising their judgement, Examiners may penalise any work here the standard of English, numeracy or presentation adversely affects the quality of the work, or where the work submitted exceeds the published size or time limits, or where the work fails to follow normal academic conventions for acknowledging sources. See endnote :

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