To His Coy Mistress is a dramatic monologue, in

To His Coy Mistress is a dramatic monologue, in which the speaker addressed to his lady. In this poem, there are argument and counter-argument, as well as a conclusion. The poem is also different from conventional courtly love poetry, because in the first two stanzas,the speaker used a lot of exaggeration of time and space. The first stanza is the part of argument. From line 1 to 4, the speaker expressed his wish that if he and his lady had enough time, he would take the conventional way to praise and court his lady. But in the following lines, exaggeration of time and space make it clear that conventional way of courtship is simply impossible for them, and such exaggeration serves as an irony to conventional ways of courtship. First, from line 5-10,the speaker used the distance between the Indian Granges and Humber to represent the vast space,and the length of time is suggested by ten years before the flood till the conversion of the Jews. In line 11 and 12, the word, vegetable implies the slowly growing sense of the speakers love; vaster than empires and more slowagain shows the exaggeration of space and time. From line 13 to 17, the speaker said he would use hundreds of years to praise his lovers different body parts, and such expression only implies their lack of time, line 92: To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell (1681) Lines 41-42: “Let us roll all our strength and all Our sweetness up into one ball,” ——————————————————————————– from: T.S. Eliot: Poet and Dramatist by Joseph Chiari: “And after all, would it have been worth while, amid such trivialities, “to have squeezed the universe into a ball”, as Marvell proposed to do with his “Coy Mistress”….The argument starts again, and the question is once more raised: should he have dared? And again the same answer: “Would it have been worth while?”– for th…

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