To present all of the behaviors of chi

To present all of the behaviors of chimpanzees in one paper is virtually impossible. So, I am going to attempt to present only certain major behaviors such as hunting and gathering to sharing and caring in the following paragraphs. Hunting and Gathering There are many interesting subtleties to the chimpanzee that the average person does not know about. It was first believed that the chimpanzee was a vegetarian. But, after many years of trivial research, it was clear that meat is and was a natural part of this animals diet. Now, of course comes that part on how the chimpanzee gets that meat to eat. Although chimpanzees can and do hunt alone, they often form larger hunting parties consisting of more than ten adult males, plus females and juveniles. Chimpanzees also go on hunting binges in which they kill a large number of monkeys and other animals over a period of several weeks or days. The reason for this is mysterious, but one mean is maybe to make political bonds and gain access to sexually-receptive females. One observation that has been made is the tendency of chimpanzees to hunt in groups. Since these animals live in a fission-fusion society, where there is very little cohesion in the group, (beyond the young and their mothers), the size of a hunting party is related to the success of a hunt. A lone chimpanzee may only capture an animal thirty percent of the time, whereas a party of ten or more is successful nearly very time. however, chimpanzees do not join hunting parties expecting to increase their intake of meat. Looking at the social aspects of chimpanzee societies to understand their hunting patterns comes from the observation that males for most of the hunting. Adult and adolescent males make over ninety percent of the kills. Although females occasionally do hunt, they ofte…

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