Topic: Case StudyOrder Descrip

Topic: Case StudyOrder Descriptionithin the event industry..YOUR TASK: Investigate a current issue within the broad area of sustainability and events. This can be done by researching your chosen issue using both primary andsecondary sources of information. The context of the event is as important as the issue due to the nature of sustainability and the impacts from the issues you havestudied in the unit.You may wish to develop the issue(s) you selected for your group presentation or choose to investigate a new issue.Once you have written your case, you will need to develop three questions. These questions should be aimed at a reader who wishes to analyse your case, being promptedby your questions. You do not have to construct the answers; however they should be able to be answered by reading your case. Thus you will need to demonstrate thatyou have identified an issue/problem, contextualised your issue within a relevant event, and you provided sufficient information within your case for the reader tomake informed decisions.As you will note from reading the notes explaining cases, you may also provide additional, irrelevant, superfluous information that makes the reader seek out the issueand solve the case. That is, you will need to provide questions that enable the person reading the case to develop their critical thinking skills, decision making andproblem solving skills.Sources of information: text books, academic journal articles (library databases), government and/or industry reports; unattributable literature (e.g. websites); mediamaterials; primary source information. A range of 12-20 relevant reference sources with a minimum of 8 academic references would be the aim to suitably support thedevelopment of your case.Word count: Case 2500 words; plus three questions constructed from the case; plus reference list.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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