Topic: review of food safety. risks to saudi healthcare orgnatision

Topic: review of food safety. risks to saudi healthcare orgnatision1.the title will be review of food safety risks to saudi healthcareorigination.2.AIMS>assess food safety + OBJECTIVE>summaries all food safety review.3.scientifeic evidence for food safety(have to be from journals no morewebsites).4.look at the evidence from three ways: toxicology, epidomiology,microbiology(bacteria,virus,fungi).**he said that chapter4 is good but we need to add the above points.also he thinks that we need to have more references(he said you have toget 10 references on each page). also he focused on the evidence whichhave to be from journals. he said that you use websites which you couldlose marks so please try to find journals and use just journals.sure you have to add pages so just tell me how many so i can pay forit.again use only journals if you need help tell me ,,, but please try notusing websites ,, JOURNALS ONLY

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