Topic: Social Justice In School Counseling Assignment

Topic: Social Justice In School Counseling AssignmentOrder Description1. Look at the following websites and links to articles, and choose at least one to refer to in your assignment (these are noodle as well):www. %20Justice_2.pdfwww. jsacp/Green-VIN2-08.pdf2. Choose the format of your intervention based on the chart below. Select one level, one domain, and one delivery method for your assignment. This will make up the foundation for your project or intervention.LEVEL DOMAIN DELIVERYElementary Academic IndividualMiddle School Personal/ Social GroupHigh School Career ClassroomSchool -wide3. Imagine a school where you might like to work. Think about the demographics of the school and how these might inform social justice issues relevant to school counseling. For example, in a school setting where community violence is a common occurrence, a social justice issue might relate to safety and access to safety (literally, in terms of violence prevention, and psychologically, in terms of a student?s sense of safety at school). Design a project or intervention that you could imagine doing in this school. incorporating principles of social justice into your project.4. Choose a development model based on the discussion in class about Piaget, Kohlberg, Erikson, and/or Maslow. Which theory fits best with your perspective regarding your intervention? Can you think of a way to integrate more than one of the theories.5. Reflect on the potential challenges and rewards of engaging in activity that connects social justice principals with the role of the school counselor. Specifically, think about why it would matter to implement this type of activity in school. Who could benefit from this project? What impact might the project have on students? On the school? On you?6. Write a 3 page paper presenting your intervention, including the school level, the ASCA National Domain, the delivery method, and the development model(s) you have chosen. Include a description or list of any materials needed to carry out the intervention. Also, be sure to connect the topic or content of the intervention with one or more of the resources from #1 above. Finally, include your reflections about the process ? do you imagine this would be an easy project to implement in the school setting where you would like to work? What might be the challenges to implementing the project? Are there internal challenges or obstacles (securing buy- in from the site, support from key skate holders, etc.) that you can identify? What was exciting or appealing about the project, and what do you imagine might be enjoyable or rewarding about carrying out the intervention? Again, who or what would be the beneficiary/ yes of this activity?!

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